How The Rich Spend Their Days Which Poor People Don’t Know

How the rich spend their days that poor

people don’t know you see most people

they have this misconception how the

rich spend their days they believe it’s

what they see on Instagram they are on

their yachts they are in their mentions

they are in their private jet doing

something going on vacations there has

not been my experience that’s not how

they spend their days in fact in the

book the next millionaire next door

Sarris Danny and Thomas Danny they’ve

spent years studying six hundred

millionaires and they found five

differences how the rich actually spend

their days the difference number one the

rich spend their time reading what

Thomas Stanley and sir Stanley found is

the average millionaire they spend more

than 5 and 1/2 hours a week just reading

books versus the average American only

spends two hours reading and for some

they don’t even read at all think about

billionaire Mark Cuban on average mark

spends three hours a day just reading up

on his industries or the industry he

wants to get into versus most people

don’t read a whole lot comment below how

many hours you invest reading every

single week the difference number two

the rich spent their time exercising I

think most people they underestimate

what it takes to actually to build a

company or to create wealth it takes a

lot of energy and stamina in endurance

to be able to persist to keep going to

keep going and to keep going and also to

deal with the stress and the hassle that

comes with wealth

there are hassles that come with wealth

how do you manage your money and how do

you grow your company how to deal with

people how do you defend and how do you

deal with competitions and on and on so

on average the rich spend six hours a

week exercising versus the average

American only spends two and a half

hours a week exercising difference

number three the rich

spend less time on social media the

average American spends 14 hours a week

on social media versus millionaires to

richly only spent 2 and 1/2 hours a week

on social media in fact a lot of them

are not on social media now unless

you’re in the digital marketing business

you’re running NSA a digital marketing

agency then yes you probably want to

spend more time on social media because

it’s related to your career or your

business but the rich they leverage and

use social media for profits not for

pleasure they actually don’t spend a lot

of personal time on social media so how

much time are you spending on social

media and what do you have to do to

manage that time better and invest the

time more wisely in high income

producing activities the difference

number four and this may not be what you

think the rich sleep less than the

average American in fact the rich they

sleep eight hours less a week than the

average American Elon Musk sleeps six

hours a day Tom Ford think about it Tom

Ford who I buy most of my suits from

sleeps only three hours a day Martha

Stewart four hours a day they don’t

sleep as much as you think why because

they have a lot of responsibilities and

they have a lot of things to do

difference number five the rich work

longer hours than you think

in fact the rich on average works six

hours more a week than the average

American they work long hours just

because they’re successful you might

think they are taking it easy that’s not

the case at all it is difficult to be

successful is even more difficult to

stay successful so not only they are

sleeping less they are working more and

this is why most people they want to be

successful they don’t want to pay the


just like the definition of overnight

success meaning you spend decades

working in the shadow no one

who you are no one gives a crap about

who you are with nothing to show for

until someday hey you are an overnight

success so those are the five major

differences how the rich spend their


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