The Surprising Advantages Of Marketing Your Business During A Crisis

of entrepreneurs make is a belief that
they should do marketing when they need
customers that are simply not true you
don’t want to do marketing when you are
desperate when you’re running low on
cash it’s like a car running low on the
the field you want to do marketing when you
don’t need customers to think about Apple
Apple is still spending a ton of money
advertising to get customers when they
already make billions and billions of
dollars coca-cola all these years spent
billions and billions of dollars every
year to promote coca-cola and coca-cola
is already a global brand that you and I
are familiar with so why do they do that
they do that because they understand you
need to be in front of people all the
the time you always want to keep that
awareness now what happens is there are
a few advantages when you do this first
of all when time is good to let’s say you
don’t need to do any marketing and
people are knocking on doors want to buy
from you now when you do more marketing
it’s gonna help you to dominate the
an entire market that you are the choice
you are the number one choice in your
the marketplace we enforce your leadership
the position that’s a very very smart thing
to do and because you’re already
profitable now you have the resources
the capital can we invest back into the
business to generate even more profits
and then bring in more customers to
bring in more leads so the best time to
do it is when you don’t need customers
the best time to market is when you are
not desperate and another advantage that
you have is this the law of supply and
demand now it’s working in your favor
because you’ve got so many, customers
coming in you could cherry-pick who you
want to work with you can now bump up
your price because now there’s so much demand for what you do
now even if you increase your price and
you will lose five-ten percent of your
customer base you’re like doesn’t matter
because you’ve got new customers coming
in those customers will be replaced by
better and more profitable customers and
now your profit goes way up and up and the last
an event that you have is this because you are
dominating the market place and people
prefer your brand instead of your
competitors brand people come to you and
more people are coming to you and you’re
making more profits now you want to take
their profits you want to put it aside
put that in your emergency fund or
better yet put it in your crisis fund in
case something like this happens and it
will happen again you’re ready now
you’ve got months if not years of cash
we serve you’re not worried because
business only goes out of business when
they run cash during crisis cash is
king and if you have that cash you have
the stability you’re safe you could pick up
bargains you can pick up good deals you
could hire good people you could keep
growing but if you don’t have that cash
you were not ready you are not prepared
that becomes a problem so the best time
to market, your business is when you
don’t need business commands a force of nature
he’s improved you know arguably millions
lives where they can provide themselves
with more money his materials are great
excellent things at the top of his game
everything he says has a purpose and
everything he does is done with heart
what I’ve seen from seafood a lot I
didn’t see it from anyone else you’ve
done it he’s been there and he still the way
because of them luck my revenue went 30% up
I get like a clearer picture of
how I run my business I can feel it that
he truly does we wanna help his student
start taking hold of more advanced
strategies on building our brand
creating content leveling up our team
in an environment where I could actually
be around people that were going to
the support that encourages that and holds me
to a higher standard
dan is a great mentor to get you not
only in the right frame of mind but then
to give you the know-how the tools the
skills to get there if you will just
follow his advice go step by step
according to his blueprint, you will
achieve results more than you can imagine

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