Allstate Agents in Chicago

Lamont Robinson

Lamont Robinson is the owner of Robinson and Associates Insurance in Chicago, IL. As a licensed insurance agent, he helps clients protect themselves from Mayhem. He is available to help customers select the coverage options that best suit their needs. Contact him today to learn more about his services.

Lamont is a native Chicagoan and holds a BS in Business Administration from Clark Atlanta University. He also has an MBA from National Louis University. His passion for teaching has led him to become an Adjunct Professor at Harold Washington College. Lamont is committed to providing his clients with the highest service and expertise.

Robinson and Associates Insurance

Robinson and Associates Insurance are an agency in Chicago owned by Lamont Robinson. He helps people in the Chicago area protect themselves from Mayhem by offering a variety of insurance coverage. He is available seven days a week. He is also a certified financial plannerĀ and has years of experience in the insurance field.

Although Allstate agents are restricted from offering other insurers’ policies, they have the advantage of being paid more than independent agents. This allows them to focus on serving their client’s best interests while also providing excellent customer service. This means that their clients can be sure that Robinson and Associates Insurance will offer the best coverage possible.

Car insurance coverage

If you have been looking for car insurance in Chicago, it may be time to speak with an Allstate agent. These agents live and work in the community and are well-equipped to discuss insurance policies and other details. They can help you get the right coverage for your needs and provide quotes. In addition, they can help you compare your current policy with an Allstate one.

Car insurance rates vary depending on your location. For example, if you live in an urban area, your rate will be higher than in a rural area. The higher the risk, the higher the premium. For Chicago residents, auto insurance rates range from $1,144 with Geico to $2,519 with Allstate. The citywide average is $1,544!

It is also important to note that auto insurance coverage levels differ by state. The table below shows the minimum insurance limits for Illinois. It is wise to consider boosting your coverage limits to avoid being underinsured. Additionally, you should consider liability insurance, which helps cover expenses incurred by another driver or damage to another person’s property.

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